Program guide From iPhone

Just a thought I was thinking of dropping my home enternet because it cost me $60 for 1.5 mb up and .50 down but on my phone I get 12 mb up and down I don’t care about streaming out side the house because I can’t any way because of the speed. My question is if I drop my home internet but keep my home network going is there a way that I can update the program guide with my iPhone because I can turn it into a hot spot. What I am asking can you connect Tablo to two different networks home so I can still stream to my devices and iPhone so it can update program guide when I connect it to the iPhone hot spot?

Would you always remember to set your phone in hotspot mode every night? Seems like a bother to me.

The Tablo needs the internets to download the guide (at night) and the pictures, on demand. Maybe you can get cheaper internets somwhere else?

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@John_Welborn_Jr - We generally don’t recommend people use Tablo with that setup. Yes, Tablo needs to touch base with HQ overnight for maintenance and guide data, but some apps may also need to connect with our servers occasionally.

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Can you get a separate hotspot from your cell provider that is attached to your account and provides a permanent wi fi hotspot in your home? That might be a solution that is practical.

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XI guess I will not have a program guide because I am dropping att uverse that cost 60 for 1.5 and I can’t get cable just satellite or a hotspot so I’m going to use my iPhone as a hot spot to to get the the guide it should work. I have a DVD recorder that pulls up data on the show that comes over the air so why can’t Tablo do the same? A hot spot will cost as much as AT&T