Procedure for moving home

I’m moving to a new state. I’ll keep my WiFi setup in the new place, but the channels all change. I know I need to do a new scan for channels and change the location.

Do I need to cancel all recordings since the channel numbers will change?

Should I do a factory reset and start over?

What about recordings that had the old channels?

What else am I missing?

The scheduled recordings are based upon the program. Not the channel nor the broadcast time.
Once you do a channel rescan, the programs you have scheduled will record just like they used to at your old location. This is presuming that those programs are broadcast in your new location.
The caveat to this is if you setup any manual recordings. They probably won’t work. This is because for manual recordings you have to select a specific channel and time.

Only if you want to. I wouldn’t. A factory reset will delete all your recordings and program schedules. You’ll literally have to start from scratch.

The programs on your hard drive, once recorded, no longer have any association with the channel number. They should play just like before.

Nothing I can think of. Once you change your location, rescan for the new channels & update the guide, you should be good to go.

If I missed anything, I’m sure that someone on these forums will chime in and fill in the blanks.
Good luck.

Only in that they retain the source as part of the information/data displayed. Yes, this is superficial and only informational.

If you read tablotv Tech support article, they strongly advise not to reset “just because” or for trouble shooting.

As noted, pretty much just rescan and you should be up and running.

Thank you all for good feedback here.

The move went well. As separately reported to Tablo, I had trouble with my iPhone reconnecting, but the iPad worked as expected. Then the phone connected. Very strange.

NOW… I moved from a metro where I had about 30 channels (including all the .x channels) to one that has over 70. Who has experience with how to manage that long a list? Do most users get rid of all the other junk channels? I hid QVC and HSN for sure!

I don’t receive anywhere near 70 channels, but when I set up my Tablo I only kept the 1080 and 720 channels, everything else I unchecked.

If I want to watch those unchecked channels I just watch them live via my TV (but that doesn’t happen very often).

Edit:. My channel scan found 51 channels, I only have 11 checked.