Problems with Tablo. Please help

Now that the cat hair issue is solved (thanks to all who commented), it is time to move on to more pressing problems.  I have a long list of little annoyances with my Tablo setup, but I think most of these can be attributed to using Plex as a player for fire tv.  My thought is that once the AFTV native Tablo app is released many of these will go away.  Plex is fantastic as a home media server but my experience with the Tablo channel is spotty.  It works well enough for now I suppose.

There are two problems that I am trying to solve today.  Number one is the inability to upgrade my Tablo.  The settings page (using the webapp on Firefox) tells me that my Tablo is version 2.1.14.  I know that 2.1.20 is available, and there is a notification to upgrade to this version on the webapp.  I have done this upgrade at least four times and it doesn’t seem to be working.  I get the downloading, installing, rebooting, done messages on the Tablo Webapp, but after all this the version doesn’t change.  I tried disconnecting and reconnecting the Tablo via the webap, but to no avail.  Perhaps I can’t upgrade to ver. 20 from 14?  If that is so, why does Tablo offer the upgrade? 

Problem two is also with the webapp.  When I surf to Live TV, I get the usual grid display of channels and their associated programming.  I subscribe to the channel guide, so I would expect it to populate–and it did until about 4 days ago.  Now it only fills in some of the channels, while others are left blank.  Not unknown show, just a blank space where the guide should be.  I have tried resetting the Tablo, resetting the webapp, upgrading the Tablo (see paragraph above), and downloading the guide all over again.  Any thoughts?

Can you please try the site on the Chrome browser? Not FireFox. May fix all your problems.

@theuser86  That’s not a bad idea.  I had earlier tried the webapp with Chrome, but had an issue with syncing. I’ll give it a go now.

Try it on Chrome on a PC. Also wipe all your history and data in Chrome if it doesn’t sync properly.

I tried with Chrome on a PC.  I turned off Ghostery, and cleared the browser cache on Chrome. It found the Tablo, and has been syncing for over 10 minutes with nothing but a spinning circle shown on the page. 

I tried also with Internet Exploder. It too found the Tablo quickly, and was able to connect and sync in under 3 minutes.  Unfortunately, it too has the partial channel guide.

Do you have an iPad, iPhone or Android device to try by chance?

I think I see where you are going…I have an android phablet (one of those big phone things).  I have the app installed on it now, and it is syncing.  Let’s see how it looks after it is done. 

I don’t have any of the Apple stuff.  I mean it is a nice garden and all, but I feel a little constrained. 

@ddd671 - If you are unable to upgrade, you should contact Tablo support.

@Mark  That’s a good idea.  I just emailed them my problem.  I guess it is time to find out how responsive they are–from everything I have read they do a pretty good job.


For some unknown reason my Tablo reset itself last night.  By reset, I mean a full factory reset including the loss of all recordings and schedule. While the reset wasn’t wanted, it turns out to be a fortuitous event.  Following the recommendations of @theuser86 I used the Chrome browser instead of my trusty Firefox to access the Tablo. 

I was able to connect, upgrade, and see the whole channel guide as well as set a bunch of new recordings.  The only (slight) issue is the inclusion of duplicate channels in the channel guide.  These duplicates do not have guide information, but the 1st instance of the channel in the guide does have program guide information.  I can live with that.

I would factory reset it again if you didn’t initiate the first reset. Just to make sure it is a clean start - might fix duplicates

@theuser86  Good call! I had another self-reset which resulted in losing everything yesterday afternoon.  Per your suggestion I did a full factory reset (hold in the blue button for several seconds) and it has been rock solid for almost a day now.  Here’s to hoping the issue is resolved.

Self-reset is a serious issue. If it happens again, open a support ticket with Tablo.

@ddd671 Definitely send us a ticket if this happens again. We haven’t heard of a Tablo factory resetting itself before - the issue here obviously being that any logs would have been erased after the reset. We can still check a few things with the firmware, though, so send us a note if you have any other issues.