Problems with Port Forwarding


I seem to have problems with port forwarding. It’s all set up in UPnP but when I uncheck and then recheck the remote access it comes with the error message. Currently, I’m using the free guide. Do I need a paid guide to make this all work?


You need a subscription to use remote connect, which is the only thing that needs port forwarding.


Okay, thank you


When you say free guide, are you using your 30 day free trial of the guide subscription? Because Tablo Connect (aka remote viewing) should work during the 30 day free trial.


Yes, I am on the 30 day free trial. And I cannot connect mobile.


Send us a screen shot of both the settings you have in Tablo and on the router. Also the model of the router and if you have a seperate modem, the model of that too.