Problems with session on any type of browser using windows 10 and 7. Connections work with iphones, ipads, roku and tvs. Just not computers

This is the error i get when connecting via browser on a laptop: “There was a problem establishing an authenticated session with your Tablo. This could be due to either authentication or internet connectivity issues.”. Note that i tested this on a windows 10 and a windows 7 using multiple browsers (chrome, IE, firefox) and all failed. I did reboot the router as well as the tablo and it is still not working. As i mentioned, it works fine on ipads, iphones, rokus and tv apps.
Also tried playing with “Enable fast Live TV startup” and that didnt work either. I also deleted the tablo from thebrowser by clicking the x and still no luck. Also do note that there has been no change on my network, the pcs and tablo settings since it worked last week. What could be the problem?

@alexz0524 Sorry for the late reply here! Were you able to get this sorted? Try rebooting the Tablo (tap the blue reset button once, wait for the blue LED to stop flashing) and then connecting again - does it work? If not, drop our support team a line. We can take a look from our end.

Pressing the button changed the error i was getting. At that point i still could not access the tablo. After that, i powered it down and turn it back on and it worked. Thanks Guys.

This problem isn’t always a problem with the tablo server but with the actual authentication server.

I have two tablos and today between 7:30am and 9:00 am PDT I logged on to both of them for a needed channel rescan and add of new channels. Everything worked properly. Disconnected from both and exited the WEB browser.

At around 9_15-9:30am PDT tried to access both. Got the dreaded authentication failure message.

Magic, the problem cleared by around 11:00am PDT.

I’m getting the same error message on my iPhone 5 and on my old mac when I try to access the Tablo remotely. I can connect just fine on my new mac. Any ideas?