Problems with FireTV after 2.2.6 firmware update?

Anyone having problem with FireTV after the 2.2.6 firmware update ?

A few issues suspected to be attributed to the 2.2.6 firmware upgrade have been reported on the forum for Roku and Chrome but I am NOT seeing any issues being reported for FireTV (maybe I missed them), just wondering if this 2.2.6 firmware update is working well on the FireTV platform. If you are having problems on your FireTV after the 2.2.6 firmware upgrade, please report them here AND if you are NOT having any problems at all on FireTV after the upgrade, I appreciate your comment here as well.

Issues being reported on the forum with Roku and Chrome after the 2.2.6 firmware upgrade includes:

  1. loading…please wait
  2. Audio out of sync
  3. stuttering and freezing on LiveTV

Issues being reported on the forum with FireTV after the 2.2.6 firmware upgrade:

  1. ??

My issues with FireTV after the update are:

No TV guide data will load (but I can select the channel on the left and whatever is on will play)
No recordings prior to the update show up
No Sports show up in the Sports tab

Issues with FireTV:

  1. Can only watch live tv for a minute or two and then it gets stuck with the loading circle. Only a reboot will fix.
  2. Trying to play a recorded video after getting stuck watching live tv the tablo reports a playback error.

I also have the iOS app and have the same issues on it. This is a huge disappointment, the last updates on FireTV made it 100 times better.

Update: updating to newer tablo iOS app seems to have fixed iOS side (FireTV has been my default, was only using iOS as a double check). FireTV still doesn’t show an app update, hopefully that will fix it.

Update 2: should mention I have a FireTV Stick. I just got one of the new Fire 7" tablets so I’ll try it too and update after.

Update 3: after watching football all day Sunday with the iOS app I gave the FireTV stick another chance today. 2+ hours over 2 channels and no issues. I did confirm I have the 1.0.23 version. I had rebooted the tablo multiple times when I repeatedly encountered the issue. All seems fine now… I’ll update if I have further issues.

If you have Tablo App v1.0.23 on your FireTV, then you have the latest. The problem I have with v1.0.23 is it take much longer to load the content of the recording tab if you just finished watching a recorded program and return to the recording tab. v.1.0.21 didn’t have that problem

I have experienced only good things with the 2.2.6 firmware and the FireTV (1st generation). My missing recordings have all been recovered. My scheduled recordings all record as planned. Deleting shows happens much quicker and the system seems more responsive as a whole. I was quite surprised to read of the problems others have been having, because my experience has been so good - I thought this was the best upgrade since sliced bread. It is unfortunate that not everyone has had that same experience. I have two FireTVs and the experience has been good on both (one is wired and one uses wifi).

To be specific:

I have never seen loading . . . please wait.
I have never seen the audio out of sync with the video.
I have not seen stuttering or freezing of Live TV.
My guide populates properly.
I did not lose any recordings from prior to the update.
My sports tab is populated with an abundance of sports shows.

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[quote=“Vonda_Z, post:5, topic:4220, full:true”]
I have experienced only good things with the 2.2.6 firmware and the FireTV (1st generation)… I thought this was the best upgrade since sliced bread.[/quote]

This is encouraging news and I wish we will see more reports like yours on FireTV so other may not be so reluctant to apply the 2.2.6 firmware update.