Problems with Connection to External Seagate Drive

Problems with Connection to 2TB Seagate External Hard Drive after resetting TabloTV box which was working yesterday.

I had to reset the TabloTV box yesterday since the device was not accessible and now it says there is no storage available when there is. The box is humming, the blue light is on & there is a lot of storage. Can you help me diagnose the problem. (Why do these problems always happen on the weekend?)

~ FourEyedLady

If you haven’t so already I’d try power cycling both the Tablo and the external drive.

Turn them both on and off at the same time?

Power both off, then power up the drive. Once that’s up then power the Tablo.

Agreed with @mbellaire’s suggestion above. If you still have issues, don’t hesitate to send us a ticket, or give us a call at 1-844-TABLOTV (822-5688).


Maybe missing something but thought the external drive is plugged into the Tablo with USB cable and is powered by Tablo.

Some usb-connected drives need an external power source. I made the assumption that it was this kind of drive.

If the USB drive pulls its power from the Tablo then just powering off the Tablo should do it.

Sometimes the Tablo power supply can weaken over time, making the drive not operate correctly. Solution to that is to buy another power supply for $12, or look into a powered USB hub.

I just submitted a ticket since the power cycling did not work. The Tablo interface show icons of all shows recorded but says it cannot access the drive.

It is not the power cord since the drive boots & the blue light is on.

How old is you unit? Could be the power supply brick.

Try another USB cable if you haven’t already.

Can’t stream TV though it either, so it is not only the HDD.

Disconnect the harddrive from your Tablo and then try to stream live TV again. If your Tablo will stream live TV without a harddrive attached, then it probably means that your harddrive has failed.

Just tried your suggestion. Live TV was streamable albeit the connection was slow to start. I will get another hard drive. Unfortunately, I will need to migrate content from my old drive, if I can to the new drive. :expressionless:

Migrating data from an old disk to a new one isn’t exactly easy. First, your old drive needs to be usable. With the trouble you have experienced, it’s rather doubtful that the old drive will be accessible. But, if it is I would try the steps listed in this post:

Hope this is helpful.

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