Problems since 2.2.6 update

Once I finally got my tablo quad to connect again. If the expanded screen comes up the one that list a guide and schedule on the left side, live TV will not play. The schedule loads but when I try to watch a show live I get kicked back to the main roku menu? If however the normal screen loads when I bring up tablo with just the 3 options listed on the left “live TV, recordings, & tablo” then all works well, but I just never know which tablo home screen is going to load. Is this expanded screen part of the 2.2.6 update? Any help?

  1. Which Roku do you have? Model 4200?
  2. Which channel are you using? Original Tablo channel (aka Legacy channel? Or the New Tablo Preview channel?

I have a robust 2 4210x. Using the new preview channel.

The internal hardware of the 4210 and 4200 are supposed to be the same.

  1. Can you delete the Preview channel, reboot the Roku and then re-install the Preview channel?
  2. Rebooting the router, and then Tablo too also can help.
  3. What recording quality are you using on the Tablo?

I am using the Preview channel on a Roku 4200 with the Tablo 2.2.6 and 720p 3 Mbps recording quality.

Glad to report the good folks at Tablo stepped up and fix this problem. Stemmed from me unplugging tablo to reset it during firmware up date. Note, never do that again.

Thanks, Dave

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