Problems connecting to tablo with web browser

When trying to connect to, get an error message “There was a problem establishing an authenticated session with your Tablo. This could be due to either authentication or internet connectivity issues.”

Started this morning using latest Chrome browser on Windows and still failing after 10 hours. Worked fine yesterday.

Able to reproduce this same error result and message using Chromium browser on Linux (Version 55.0.2883.87 running on LinuxMint 18.1 (64-bit)). Worked fine 2 days ago.

Tablo is on the LAN, connected over Ethernet and pings OK. Can access it OK from iOS App or Android app, but web-browser access is failing. I’ve reset the router & modem (and waited the hour for addresses to sync). No success.

Anyone else have the problem today?

Have you tried connecting in incognito mode?

No, I had not, but when I did, the same error occurs in incognito. Thanks for suggestion though.

@chuckc Are you by chance using a VPN? That could throw off both discovery and connectivity. If not, send our support team a ticket and we can take a look.

No VPN in use.

Clearing the cookies or using incognito mode did not fix the issue on either Windows or Linux Chrome browser.

What did work was resetting the tablo box itself. Not sure why I would have needed to do this. Does it need to be restarted every 100 days or so?

Mine goes months sometimes and weeks at other times, but it is a 5 min process that is very little trouble for me. (but never more that 6 mths without a reboot)

Mine is on a UPS and really should not ever need to be rebooted unless there is a firmware upgrade (or unless it has a memory leak).

It would be nice if you could log in remotely and reset it (via telnet or ssh) since many of us place them in places not easily accessible to hit the reset & pull the power cord. Does anyone know of a secret URL or login parameters to allow command-line reset?

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A few of us went the cheap and easy route of putting the Tablo on a “Smart” plug…

I used this one (Amazon had it on a one day sale for $19):

I’m sure others work just as well, have seen the WeMo used by others here.

Not as sleek as using a Tablo built GUI or approved (open) back door in, but it works… Have to reset my Tablo and my parents Tablo about once every 3 or 4 months. Now I can do both via an app from anywhere.

got a WeMo smart plug for the same reason. works great