Problem with some recordings not showing thumbnails and recording times being off

Lately some recordings will never show thumbnails when fast forwarding on any device, and also the recording time is off. For example, a 30-minute show will say the recording time is 25 minutes or so. And when I watch on my Apple TV and get the the 25 minute part, it still continues to play past that point and the time kind of “catches up”. However on the Fire TV it will stop at that 25 minute point and I miss the end of the show.

Doing some research here it sounds like the problem is possibly from a weak signal. Which kind of makes sense because the problem happens only on 2 channels (ABC and CW) which are both owned by the same network and, I believe, broadcast from the same location.

However, I never have any signal break or or anything on those channels. The one channel I do have occasional picture problems with never has the thumbnail, time issue.
All the channels I get show 5 green dots where I would scan for channels.

Actually, if it’s weak signal I would think the source recording would play back the same on all devices, not 25 minutes on one device but the full 30 minutes on another. Or am I misunderstanding what you are saying?

What I’m saying is that on the Apple TV and the Fire TV in the show summary it will say the recording is, like, 25 minutes. But if I watch it on the Apple TV, the progress bar still says the recording is 25 minutes long until it reaches the 25 minute point and then the time jumps out a few minutes beyond that point until the recording finishes playing. It’s interesting that the shaded part of the progress bar does not move beyond that 25 minute mark but the show keeps playing.

On the Fire TV (with the preview app) it will simply stop playing at that 25 minute point. Even though, obviously, the recording is really 30 minutes.

Thanks for the clarification. Given that the actual recording plays back the full length unless there is some corruption in the recording causing the Tablo software to think it’s only 25 minutes it doesn’t seem like a reception/signal issue. Do you see any artifacts or pixelation during the playback or is it clean?

I have not seen any pixelation on those channels. The main problem I have is that when trying to skip ahead the recordings on those channels do not show the thumbnails. Even after waiting until days later to watch the show. Shows recorded on other channels work just fine.
I’m wondering if it’s related.
Before a recent firmware update those channels did show thumbnails when skipping ahead but they where out of sync.

Preview thumbnails won’t be created, if:

  1. The Tablo crashed.
  2. Weak OTA signal.

A telltale sign the Tablo crashed during a recording is there will be multiple recordings for the same scheduled recording event, cuz the Tablo tries to pick up where it left off during the recording process, and creates an extra recording.

It’s possible the recording contains zero pixelation, implying no OTA Signal issues, but there could be OTA signal issues after the recording completes, which is when the preview thumbnails are attempting to be generated.

This is happening with every recording from those 2 channels.
There is no indication the Tablo has crashed. It’s always one recording, not multiple.
Like I said, weak signal seems logical but the picture is always fine. No break-ups and 5 green dots on signal strength. I do have another channel that breaks up occasionally but I never have recording issues from that channel.