Problem with remote access

@TabloSupport A MAJOR problem with the pairing method for remote usage of Tablo is if you lose your phone .  If the person who finds it does not turn it in (at a store, on a bus, etc) then what is to stop them from being able to access your Tablo, since no username or password?

If you lose your phone and someone else can access it, you have a lot more things to worry about that someone accessing your Tablo.    I would be a lot more concerned that someone could access your emails, text messages, Facebook, and maybe even bank accounts.

I encourage everyone to secure their phone in some manner.

Most things have user names and passwords, but yes the phone should be locked in some way.

You could force a change in IP address of the Tablo.

Correct. First solution to this is to make sure your phone is locked, or you can wipe it remotely.

Then second is to power cycle your modem and the external IP of the Tablo will change and said lost device will be permanently unpaired.

Great advice from our power users here.

One of the things on our to-do list is to add a way on the account page for your subscription to remove paired devices.