Problem with LTE filter & preamp

Continuing the discussion from 4G/LTE Interference:

Originally I tried attaching my LTE filter directly to my Channel Master 4 port distribution preamp input and got crazy pixilation. I had access to an other CM LTE filter and tried attaching it to my preamp input. Same results, an increase in pixilation. I took a 6” coax cable with a connector and put it between my LTE filter and my preamp, no pixilation. Why did seperating my LTE filter from my preamp wth a short cable solve the Pixilation issue when attaching my LTE filter to my preamp? This would explain why my LTE filter worked well connected to the antenna but not connected directly to the preamp.

I now have an LTE filter at my antenna an an other one attached to my preamp with a short cable. I did this because the signal for ABC gegraded on the nights when DWTS was on. I am just rolling the dice.

I later relocated and reoriented my antenna. I got about a 10% boost in signal strengh for ABC. Today there was a lot of Pixilization on Tablo for ABC and no ABC on the TV tuner until the antenna relocation. For now ABC is comming in strong both on the tv tuner and on Tablo.