Problem with latest Android Web App update

  1. I updated away from home… Tablo now unpaired…  had to wait until I got back home to re-pair my phone and do the normal somewhat long sync.

    2.  During all of that my Tablo spontaneously rebooted (crashed and restarted??)  My wife was watching Live TV when it happened, and it did coincide with the Sync process to my phone after I re-paired it with the Tablo.

    Just some observations…  My Tablo has been pretty rock solid (never rebooting, at least not when we’re using it).

Interesting bugs - we’ll see if it’s reproducible.

Re-pairing is annoying but understandable if you needed to DL the database again.

I just keep a VPN client on my phone to repair when away from home.

  1. Happens with every update to me.

@cjcox We’ve seen some instances of un-pairing (noted by @Max) during an update, the issue is that it has (so far) been very intermittent in our testing. 

In this regard, our gal is for the upgrade process should be as smooth as possible (especially for reasons like this), and we’ll continue to investigate and improve the experience. Thanks for the heads up!