Problem with ABC

I don’t have any problems with my channels except ABC. I continue to get weak signal most, but not all the time. I called support and they told me to remove it, then add back to guide. It didn’t work, so I repeated it but it did not resolve. I powered down my tablo, but when it came back up there was no ABC on the app anymore, it completely disappeared- so now I can’t add it back.

Please assist.


Are you saying that when you scan for channels ABC doesn’t show up anymore? If that is the case, then it sounds like you need a better antenna. What type of antenna are you currently using?

It’s a pretty good attic antenna that supports HD. I bought it in 2017 and never had any issues. After I reset the device, ABC reappeared.

My main issue now is for nearly a year I have been getting a weak signal most of all the other channels are fine. The other major network channels are great.

I removed ABC and added it back, but it did not resolve this issue.

do you have a connection from the antenna to the TV? If so is it coming in strong as well? You could be at the edge of reception for your antenna. Also remember that just because your TV retrieves it does not mean the tablo will but this might help see how strong your reception of that channel is.

What is the actual channel this station is broadcasting on? You may need to go to one of the many web sites that list the actual and virtual channel numbers if you don’t know.

If it is channel 13 or lower it is in the VHF band and not all HD antennas adequately receive those frequencies. Many of the antennas only receive the UHF band, but are still called HD capable.

Is it possible that in the last year this station has changed it’s frequency due to the FCC repack?

Have you checked the station’s website or Facebook page to see if they are doing anything that might effect their signal?

Lastly, have you searched this forum for anyone else complaining about your specific station? If you list the station ID and city, someone here may have additional suggestions.

ABC is channel 8. NBC (ch 5), FOX (ch 4) & CBS (ch 11) picks up with no problem on this HD compatible antenna. I’m not sure about virtual numbers, but I am researching that on the ABC website for any changes.

I really appreciate your help

On It says it is at the same position as Fox (WSW 38 miles). But it list Fox as UHF signal and ABC as VHF-Hi. So what did this mean? Do I need a different antenna? If so, what do you recommend?

This is what I use that I purchased of Amazon three years ago:

GE Attic Mount TV Antenna, Long Range Indoor Directional Antenna, Supports 4K 1080P Digital HDTV VHF UHF, Mounting Pole Included, Out of Sight Compact Design, 33692


I’m happy but also embarrassed to say, I got the issue resolved. I failed to do one of the first things that I should have done…check the position of my antenna. I must have inadvertently moved it out of place. It is back where it should be. Channels coming through very clear.

Is not a total waste, because I have learned a lot from your responses.


Glad you solved your problem. This forum is a great place to learn all about OTA TV reception.

Yes, I agree. There is a wealth of information here… Thanks again

I’m guessing from the channel Iineup mentioned that you are in the DFW area. Channel 8 is VHF. It is the only VHF channel left. I see that you fixed it, @Ricsua99, but if you are still having reception issues, double check your VHF dipole

Much appreciated, but yes, I have it fixed now. Thanks again.

I had a very similar problem with NBC-12 in the Richmond VA area. Turns out they are the only VHF-hi broadcaster in area. Solution was an antenna with VHF dipole.