Problem watching live TV on two different devices at the same time

I can watch a live TV show on my iPad with no issues, but when I try to watch live TV on my Roku 2 at the same time, the iPad pauses and will not resume playback. This also happens if I am watching live TV on my Roku 2 and I try to watch another live TV show on the iPad, then the Roku channel pauses and play will not resume. It only lets me watch live TV on one device at a time. FYI - I have a tablo 4 tuner with an iPad 2 and a Roku 2. Haven’t tried it with my Apple TV yet.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

What’s your setup? All wireless? All wired? 2.4GHZ 5GHZ, etc. ?

I am 100% wired with 4 tuner and don’t have this issue at all. Seems like it would only really matter if Tablo is wired or not but I’m not 100% sure.

It’s a wireless setup. 2.4 GHZ. Do you think it might have to do with something in the settings on the Tablo App for the iPad?

Tablo is wireless?

Sorry, no it’s not wired - using wifi.

Any Chance u can connect Tablo directly to router or switch via Ethernet? Then rerun your tests?

I may try to do that this weekend. How do you like your 4 tuner so far? I just cancelled cable for good today. Hopefully I can get these issues solved soon so the whole family can start enjoying Tablo

@cordcutter I know this may sound obvious, but is your HD plugged in? The Tablo will only use one tuner without an HD attached.

Actually, I have not plugged the HD in yet because I need to copy some files over to another HD before I plug it in. I did not realize that the Tablo only uses 1 tuner w/o the HD plugged in.
Thanks for your help!!! I appreciate the quick response!

One other question, the Tablo feels hot to the touch. It is in an air conditioned room that is well ventilated. Is that normal?


Consensus around here is that the 4-tuner model does run quite warm but that it’s nothing to be concerned about.  There have been some suggestions around putting it on a laptop cooling pad or on some form of stand/grille that allows air to circulate underneath as well.

@cordcutter and @pundit - Yes, Tablo is designed to run warm, like a baked potato. You should be able to hold it comfortably in your hand, but it should definitely be putting out heat. It won’t harm anything that it comes into contact with under normal operating temperatures. 

@TabloTV I swear that’s the first time I’ve ever heard a piece of technology being compared to a baked potato!  :))

What can I say, I like food.  :-bd

Plus, it’s a good analogy. People understand how warm a baked potato should be. 

I have two Roku’s wired (one straight to router the other via Power Ethernet connection). Currently I have the Tablo wireless (gotta buy another Power Ethernet to connect Tablo). 

I have had a few issues with live stream, but recordings play back (so far) without issue.

I will also add that my current internet sucks (has since 6/9). ATT is coming out next week to set up new internet (that will be the day that my cable company is cut as well). I hope for a better wireless at that point which will hopefully get rid of my live tv issues as well.

Thanks for all the replies!