Problem watching live tv, hard drive?

Hello everyone! I’m new to the forum but been lurking for almost a year. I was here looking around before I decided to purchase a 4 tuner about four months ago. I’ve had it up and running for months before I turned in my Comcast boxes. It’s been almost flawless until now. I’ve been been getting errors that the tuner has been reassigned while watching a show. If I retry that channel, sometimes it works, sometimes I get “Player Error” saying it could be caused by poor reception. I have found out that after resets, power cycling and anything else I could think of, I realized that if I unplug the hard drive that live tv will work. What’s odd is that when I get “Player Error”, I can play recorded shows, just can’t watch live tv and scheduled recordings will fail. It’s a 4tb Seagate Expansion I bought new the same time as the tuner. The weird thing is, I’ve seen it fix itself. It wasn’t working before I left for work and by the time I got home it was fine. And the Tablo is hardwired to the router fyi. Any ideas out there?

I have the exact same issue and a 3Tb external HD. I have a Mohu Leaf antenna and I within 7 miles of a major metro area and 10 miles max to the towers. Everything on the scans showed up fine. It has been really pixelated lately. There have been many shows that I deem unwatchable because of the pixelation and choppiness. I am also hardwired to a 1 Gb port on my router.

@Leaning6 If you’re still seeing this behaviour, send a note to our support team and we can take a look.

@Powerdriven The pixelation makes this sound more like a reception issue, but you can touch base with our support team to be sure.

Is your hard drive a Seagate also? I have a WD 2tb that I use as a backup for my docs and pics that I may try.

I’ll be sure to do that. Should the hard drive be connected when you look at it? It’s not exactly easy to run coax to the TV and the WAF is dropping if she can’t watch Survivor.