Privacy question


Does Tablo report viewing history to any ratings type organizations? I’m curious if they report for ratings pruposes.


tablo/Nuvyyo’s data guide is Gracenote, a subsidiary of Nielsen - the TV ratings company.

A TabloTv facebook post

Worth noting that Tablo gathers a minimal amount of data for customer support and basic business purposes only and does not sell data to any third parties.

If you have a Guide Subscription, the Agreement:

  1. Compiled Data . Nuvyyo compiles and analyzes usage and performance of the Services (“ Compiled Data ”) and uses Compiled Data to build features and improve the functionality and feature set of the Services. Nuvyyo shall have exclusive ownership of any Compiled Data and the exclusive right to use the same for any purpose, provided that Nuvyyo shall not distribute any Compiled Data in a manner which identifies users.

But you should have already read that.

It’s unlikely limited to the web app, a js script is loaded

A JavaScript SDK for tracking events and revenue to Amplitude.

It appears the also has some data mining and collection abilities.

Then there’s the web site privacy policy - rather generic.

When setting up my tablo, never asked to agree to a license agreement, agree to lack of privacy terms, no note of their data collection program.

Excerpt from an initial email with tech support -

Thanks for contacting Tablo Support.

We have had a look at the log your Tablo sends to our database;

Your tablo sends logs to Nuvyyo - no matter what… no check box! Of course, you’re not allowed to see the logs on your own device. Well, you probably don’t even know tablo is looking.

As for your viewing history – probably, it’s likely tied in the guide data collection. Nuvyyo has an agreement with Gracenote, so who knows what goes on. In turn, Nuvyyo has an agreement with you… so you only know what they want you to know.

Back when I first bought the Tablo, my family and I became Nielsen viewers. My wife, kids, and I had to wear these little black devices that looked like pagers all the time, and they could pick up certain signals in TV broadcasts and radio. Then you plugged them in at night, and they would send all the data back to the HQ.

It was a nice gig for a year, as we all received some money each month, but they would call you up frequently if someone wasn’t wearing one (my kids weren’t real happy wearing them).

I assume that during the transcoding the process, the signals needed were still in there.

how did you get to be part of nielson viewers?

By mail, of all things. I initially was in a program where I had to write down all the radio stations I listened to each day in a booklet, and then mail it off on a regular basis. That led to receiving a letter asking if my family wanted to be part of the viewers.

I received a phone call asking me to be a member for their radio audience. Since I seldom listen to the radio I declined their offer. I’m not sure there is a way to volunteer to be a member.