Prime Time listing now totally useless

Just saw ads for “Extant.” Wanted to subscribe to it, but not on Prime Time list, as many others. I normally just checked that weekly for new shows to set up. Now I have to wade through all the day time and late night shows, hoping to spot a prime time show of interest weekly. And I need to download the two episodes I missed and watch with Plex.

You’re in the PST time zone right?

Prime time has worked here, EST. Sounds like a support ticket.

You dont have any problems tuning the channel in question? … also check under recordings FAILED if you see your scheduled recordings there … if you do it might give you some idea why it failed to record… but as theuser86 says put in a support ticket in any case.

I don’t think the issue was with failed recordings if I read the first post correctly. It was about not scheduling the show to record because they didn’t know the show existed.

It could also be he doesn’t actually receive the channel in question that airs the show.

(I experienced this with one of my sons shows which used to air on a local station but for some reason was removed from our local affiliate and we can not actually receive the next nearest affiliate station as its too far away to tune)

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This thread is just a duplicate of others that Oldmike has posted. Stick to a single thread, please.


The issue is not recording, it is seeing something as available to record. Other shows on the same channel have recorded fine. And so far the missing shows have all been scheduled for a 10:00 pm air time.

Tech support request submitted; will report results.

@oldmike Not seeing anything from you on our end - unless it’s from a different address. If there’s something in queue, we’ll get back to you (unless we already have)!

I went to the front page and filled it out two days ago. I’ll try again. How do I access any response, or do you push it to me?

I don’t remember providing all that information before, so maybe I didn’t complete the submission. Should have it now.

I finally submitted a viable ticket, and would like to follow up. But I seem to have lost the confirming email, so don’ t know how to reply.

Hey @OldMike - I’ve specifically asked the support team to touch base with you today.

Thanks. Not panicked, just curious about progress and plan. My bet is still a typo in the pointer!

@oldmike Sorry for the wait! We sent you a note this morning :smile: