Prime Time list is missing many shows

I have 86 shows listed in my Prime Time view. Others have told me they have 110. I have a particular instance, wherein Hannibal is listed under TV Shows, but is not shown under Prime Time. The show airs at 10:00pm. I have other 10:00pm shows that are listed in TV Shows but not Prime Time. All of these are broadcast from the San Francisco Bay area. I have a 4-tuner Tablo, wired; Windows 7-64.

Very weird.

  1. What channel is Hannibal on?
  2. Anything else from that channel that airs at 10 PM on another day included in Prime Time?

It is pretty obvious that the formula the Tablo uses for “prime time” has a bug in it when dealing with Pacific Time. @oldmike, since the Tablo folks haven’t responded to these threads, you need to submit a trouble ticket to get the ball rolling.

I have noticed the same issue. Many programs don’t seem to make the Guide for PrimeTime and in some cases I notice not at all!

I would guess the provider of the Guide, needs to do a better job of updating the guide based on our individual zip codes.

To date,my zip code is virtually useless and I must resort to another zip in my local area. While a useful workaround, clearly this is not how a guide should perform.

I find that items that should show up on Primetime are not there and I must resort to either finding them in Live TV or under “TV Shows”, making using the guide and setting recordings more difficult.

That said, I must admit that I have not taken the time to contact Tablo Support, to see if they can get the Guide provider to fix this and probably should have.

So in the hopes that Tablo Support reads this: Any way to get the guide provider to update the guide by Zip


In the alternative, is there any way to allow Tablo to interface with some of the other Guides available, such as Titan TV or TV Guide? Or allow us to purchase a guide subscription for one of the competitor content providers?


I submitted a formal Tech Support request, and got a confirmation. Since then, nothing. I don’t see how to ping that group to see if there is any progress or at least get a “Stand by!” How does one follow up with a trouble ticket?

I have asked about a third party guide being able to be used, and currently the answer is no. I hope that that changes. TitanTV guide data is updated and better than whoever Tablo uses. When a channel didn’t have guide data on Tablo or the guide data was incorrect, but did on TitanTV, I used the guide data from TitanTV and set manual recordings.

@oldmike, just respond in the email chain for the ticket.

Looks like I didn’t save it.