Previously deleted shows appear with 2.2.28 update

Seeing something strange after the update to 2.2.28. One of the Jeopardy! shows that I had deleted back in January is showing up on the web browser under Recordings and also the Tablo Android app on my phone, but it doesn’t show on Roku or the 3rd party ota2go Android app.

This happened on Windows 10 using the Chrome web browser, and shows up on all 3 of my computers, even after syncing again. Also tried the new Microsoft Edge browser, which now works with Tablo, and it shows up there as well on all 3 computers. The program can neither be played nor deleted.

I wonder if this is a bug in 2.2.28, or a bug in the Android Tablo app and web browser.

Has anyone else seen this?

I’ve seen this before…contact support and they can do a clean on your database to remove it.

Yeah, that’s what I’ll go ahead and do. Odd that not all platforms pick it up.

Well, despite all of the browsers you are using, it’s truly only one platform, the web app that’s having problems…and it’s all in how the app is written…if it’s written to display all of the shows…but ignore if there are actually recordings…that’s potentially an issue :)…the Roku App might be written to only display the shows that have recordings…either way it’s a DB problem on the Tablo that they can correct…