Preview window during Fast-Forward

While fast forwarding during a recording, Tablo previously showed what was being shown in the small window.

Now nothing.


The preview thumbnails get populated a few minutes after a recording completes, if there’s a tuner available.
If tuners are available, and the recording finished a long time ago, and there are still no preview thumbnails, then the Tablo probably crashed, and doesn’t view the recording as complete, so it’ll never create the preview thumbnails.

Hummm. Trying to watch first part of show while the remainder is still recording. Maybe that’s it.

That’s absolutely it- there are never thumbnails while the recording is still in progress. Fastest will be about 5-10 minutes after recording stops (if a tuner is available).


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Let the commercial start maybe one or two seconds then try the frame scrub, but the key is to let the commercial start first I have found then slowly move your finger to catch the frame to be fwd. if you move your frame to fast at the start it will not catch the frame to be scrubbed