Preview vs Public Channel?

I’m new to Tablo and I see these terms being used a lot. Can someone explain what these terms mean?

@Dan_Cooper -

The public channel is our ‘legacy’ Roku channel that is searchable via the Roku database. It’s old and a bit clunky because it was designed using Roku’s template system.

The Preview Roku channel is what we’ve been working on over the last few months. We designed it from scratch using Roku’s programming language so we could have more flexibility to make the app look/function how we wanted. It’s a private channel which means it must be added via your Roku account online, vs. via the Roku box itself.

Once the preview channel reaches feature parity with the private channel, we’ll make a switcheroo.

Got it. Should have figured that out. Thanks!

I would encourage everyone to use the Preview channel. It definitely is the best version.

I looked at the images on the website. Looks beautiful. I’ll try it out tonight. I wish that Sling TV had a channel guide that looked like that.

Are there any downsides to using the Preview Channel? Any major known bugs?

There are some in the community who claim that there is worse performance with the Preview than with the Legacy. But in any case, I would encourage you to use the Preview which is far superior and reflects all the advancements that Tablo has made over the last six months. If you have problems, you can always revert back to the Legacy.

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I use both channels with similar performance on both.

What is the access to the channel? It says that I need a code to add the private channel.

Check the Tablo website, there are instructions there on how to add the private channel.

When I press add a channel, it asks for a channel access code and the website does not have one. Or am I doing this wrong?

It is tablopreview

Thanks @theuser86. If it wasn’t for you and @philsoft, I would be lost. Thanks again for your help.

No problem - let us know how it goes

Started using the Preview Channel tonight. Very nice looking interface. As I said, if only Sling had an interface like this.

Kudos to the Tablo developers.


@Dan_Cooper - Thanks! Glad you’re enjoying it.

I am still unable to get my recordings to load using the preview channel after the last update. I have support working on it. Sent them my MAC address last night. Hope we can get this worked out soon as I really like the preview channel.


Prepare for them to tell you that you have a corrupt database and need to factory reset. I have the issue and am using TabloRipper to get my recordings off the hard drive before I follow through.

Forgot to mention that I can get my recordings from the Public channel.