Preview guide, latest update, buffering

I added the preview guide to my Roku which I really like, also did the latest update sent by Tablo and NOW have lots and lots of buffering which had almost completely stopped once we got our WiFi signal extender. Our Tablo is hardwired to our router. I am really frustrated and soooo tired of the buffering. Suggestions?

What is the recording quality set to on your Tablo?

  1. Reboot your router, then reboot your Tablo, then reboot your WiFi extender, then reboot your Roku. In that order.

1080 8mps

Thanks for the advice - will try it.

That’s a high bitrate for WiFi streaming.

  1. Which Roku do you have? What is the model number?
  2. What is the make and model of your router?

Rebooting using the steps you gave me worked - thanks so much - buffering stopped! After rebooting I changed the setting from 1080 back to 720 5 mbps as is recommended. I only changed it to the 1080 for a brief period to see if that helped the buffering problem.

Going up on the bitrate won’t help buffering issues. You can go down to 720p 3 Mbps.