Preview for iPhone

Will Tablo Preview ever be available on iPhone / iPad? My understanding is that only Tablo Preview allows one to use the Tablo remotely – like from a hotel.

Paul M.
East Troy WI USA

Your understanding is incorrect. The mobile apps have always been able to use Tablo Connect. Just remember that you must have a subscription for that feature.

Some details to follow-up on what @FlyingDiver is talking about…

Chapter 6 - Tablo Connect and Port Forwarding – Tablo (

Tablo TV Guide Data Subscriptions | Over The Air (OTA) DVR | Tablo

And some additional details here:

It’s also worth noting that Tablo PREVIEW is no longer the newest/best app for Amazon Fire TV/Android TV. Everyone should be using the regular Tablo app. More info on that here:

Also your phone/tablet has to be paired up with Tablo Connect on the original network your Tablo is on.

Talking iPad, Tablo also only works with “newer” iPads. Won’t work with gen 3 or earlier. Not sure of the restrictions phone wise, but I’m sure there are some.

This is iOS version dependent no? As in older iPads cannot be upgraded to the minimum supported iOS version?

Yes, likely.

Network-connected Tablo DVRs support a variety of mobile devices and PCs including:

  • iPads & iPhones running iOS 12+

It used to be that you could use the Web UI on the older ipads, but that doesn’t work anymore, they are “bricks” with regards to Tablo (but arguably, Apple has done other thing to brick them, just wish we weren’t loading up landfill with so much aluminum especially where there is potential from the devices).

Throwing away broken things is one thing, somebody else making sure you that the fuel pump can’t get inserted in your working car anymore… sort of sad.

Thanks to all who have responded. It appears that I’m going to have to try to keep up with the emails that come out with features and changes and such. Who knows – maybe I can even find something about the strange things I’ve been observing with commercial skip. I’m seeing mis-registered commercial gaps in some old recordings – the stream ends before the commercials begin, and then comes back before the commercials have ended.

Thanks again!