Prevent firmware upgrade

There needs to be a way to prevent firmware upgrades if the user chooses to. Right now 2.2.12 renders my Tablo virtually useless. I’ve been downgraded twice… I’m assuming the 2nd time around was due to someone in the household accidentally hitting the upgrade button on that pesky notice that keeps appearing in the app.

At the very least you should add a third option to the notification. It should be “Later”, “Update Tablo” and “Don’t ask again”. Simply put, the third option would make it so you won’t be prompted again for the same firmware update… only a newer update would prompt you once more.

It’s easy for people to update via the settings if they choose later on.


It use to be that tablo only ask once to update. If you selected “Later” a new selection would appear in the settings menu that allowed you to update.

Recently the software was changed so that it now nags you to death to upgrade on ever client connection to the tablo server. So even if the person that manages the tablo selects “Later”, any other family member can accidentally trigger an unwanted upgrade.

Since none of the problems/fixes over the last few months applied to or affected me, I’m still happily using 2.2.8.

I too would really like this feature, but honestly doubt they will want to implement it…

Most companies would much prefer you stay relatively up to date. The changes we see are usually only a very small portion of the update. Changes in how the system works with and handles the database, security or other loopholes are closed, etc…

For example, almost every update mentions upgrades to the database, and I have seen a few posts where users have not had an issue at first but overtime the database will become corrupt causing system lockups or the eventual need to factory reset… So while the older firmware may work on the surface, who knows what is slowly decaying on the back end.

Its very expensive to man tech support / warranty support. They would much rather you install the updates that can very well prevent future calls / emails / rants online…

Tablo does not have automatic upgrade to the latest release. You can always select to upgrade at a later date. What was deprecated was the only ask once for the firmware upgrade.

You can always select the option to upgrade at a later date. If it was automatic why would tablo have implemented an option in Roku app setting menu to check for tablo firmware updates.

Hence my comment about relatively up to date. I realize they don’t force it, but I am assuming the additional nag screens without a way to disable them is intentional to get as many as possible to upgrade.