Presidential Debate

Just a funny aside (and it might only be funny because I have a 4 tuner Tablo). ANYWAY I told the Table to record the presidential debates (because who doesn’t want to see car fire in real time as long as they’re not in the car) and the Tablo decided to record it on NBC and CBS. But I am somewhat lucky that it also didn’t decide to record it on PBS, FOX or ABC. I’m positive it doesn’t have anything to do with the Tablo’s programming per se but I just found it interesting.

Likely different episode ID from the guide data provider the Tablo doesn’t recognize it as duplicates.

Tablo is trying to be proactive by making multiple copies of the debate. That way hopefully, unlike an email server, someone can’t use any nefarious software to remove all the debate mistakes.

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Believe me, this is the best comment ever. It’s huge!

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Unfortunately my Tablo-4 did not fully record this debate.
I was recording the NBC broadcast (channel 5 in my area), but only got 43 minutes before it stopped recording.
Then it picked-up again and recorded an 1hr 17min after the debate ended. All this recording contains is the news anchors telling us what we just saw and then into the local 10 o’clock news.
I also had scheduled for the debate to record from PBS. It only recorded 59min from this channel.
While my Tablo-4 has worked almost flawlessly, this was a disappointing failure.
I would like to know what happened. It would be great to be able to get some kind of status information from the Tablo.