Premium Services Subscription Benefit

Hello, can someone explain the Premium Services and it’s benefits? I have read what they have on their page but not sure all of what it entails. What exactly comes with the Premium subscription? I understand Commercial Skip is available and have read that info as well. Some say that commercial skip will sometimes cut-off the shows ending. Not interested in that. They say you can disabled commercial skip in settings. What are some of the other benefits of Premium? I see there is a sunset clause within the premium services too. Thank you for your time!

Premium Service is what enables the Automatic Commercial Skip feature. You can read more about it here:

This is currently the only feature enabled by Premium Service.

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Ok. Will look. Thank you for very good info. Would it not give the 2 week ahead Tablo TV
guide? Or is that a different service? Thanks.

I see 2 Week TV guide is another service. Thank you!