Premium channel can not detect Tablo on network

When I first got my Tablo everything worked fine. Then I had to change my router and create a new network. Everything in the house works fine on the new network. The only thing that does not work is the premium Tablo channel. I can still watch all my local channels but have to go through the old original channel. Last I heard was to wait for the new premium channel updates to come out. Surely there must be a better solution than that. Very difficult to record and see what is upcoming on the local channels this way. I go through Roku for my connection.

What do you mean Premium channel? There is a Roku Preview channel that is a private channel. I forget what the code is but you can search the forum or someone else might remember it. It might be tablotv or maybe uppercase T or something else

Yes, that is the channel I am referring to

What model of Roku are you using?

Roku 1

Preview Channel here… near the bottom of the page


There are several different “Roku 1” I have a model N1000 sitting next to me which hasn’t been in production for years. Is it an older model, or a newer model? I know some of the older models are having issues with the preview channel.

I’d suggest ax Roku 3 or wait for the Roku 4. I have the 3 and a LT. I also have a FireTV stick from when it was Best Buy Deal of the Day since Roku doesn’t have Tablo Connect for remote viewing.

Open a Support Ticket with Roku - people with funky DNS settings on their router have had issues with the Preview channel finding the Tablo box.

I have 2 Rokus. 1 is brand new and the other is about a year old. The preview channel worked fine before I had to change my router and network.

I have the channel. It just quit working. Says it does not detect a Tablo on the network even though everything else works fine.

Already did this too. Made a screen print of my router settings. They said all was fine.

I’d rather these units work again as they did before. Don’t really care to spend money on guessing

Delete the Tablo channel, reboot the Roku, then re-install it.

I’m about to buy a Tablo & we have 2 Roku2’s in the house. Do you mean to tell me that I won’t be able to do remote viewing?

Yes Tablo Connect aka physically taking the device to a foreign land and using it remotely does not work with any Roku.

Tablo Connect works with the Fire TV, Nexus Player, iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablet.

For now (and who knows how long) yes. You can watch remotely on your smart phone, Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, but NO Roku until there is a name / password implemented, and who knows when that will be? @TabloSupport sure would make an awesome Christmas present. I’ll even offer to beta test it, since I’m already beta testing everything I have.

It also works with laptops I believe (I have not tried)

I had an issue with my Roku devices trying to use the preview channel, while the original Roku channel worked just fine. So I moved my Tablo off the wi-fi network and directly connected it to my router via ethernet cable. All my problems went away.

@lkahhan What kind of router do you have, and when the Tablo was on WiFi was it on 2.5 GHz or 5 GHz? I have and the WiFi connected Roku and Tablo and laptops just works. WARNING - this is near the end of the line when Linksys was made by Cisco. Cisco sold off the Linksys brand, and I don’t know about the quality since then.

Okay, I think I know what it is that I misunderstood. At home I only have my Roku’s but away from home I should be able to use the iPod Touch or my laptop. Is that right?

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