Precision Fast Forwarding

I primarily use Tablo on an android phone (Nexus 6P) and chromecast (V1).
Overall I am pleased but I find the fast forwarding through commercials unacceptable.
The +30 button takes so long until it starts playing again that it isn’t really worth it, dragging the slider (with preview image showing) is better but difficult to be precise on long recordings.

I have attached an image that shows my proposed solution. It seemed to get a decent reception on Reddit. I understand it may take a bit to gather all of the preview images but I still think it would be faster.

Please share your thoughts

Do not do casting. Get a Nexus Player, they are dirt cheap, and it has a standalone Tablo app. The resume time after FF will be instantaneous.


I never had a problem with zipping through commericals using a Nexus 7 Wi-Fi model to my Chromecast (1st gen). I just use the scrubber. The thumbnail while scrubbing gives me all the info I need.

The grid reminds me a lot of VUDU’s grid. I do like the idea.

I have an Android phone but can’t see how to get that grid to show up? Maybe it’s because you have chromecast.

It is a feature request (it doesn’t exist…yet)

I highly recommend you try another Android device like the Nexus Player or NVIDIA Shield, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the Tablo viewing experience.

Haha. Okay. Sorry for my moment of thickness.