Powerline ENET Adapters: Is faster always better?

My Cox internet speed is listed at 155 Mbs (requires CIS 3 modem)… I was wanting to use powerline enet to hardwire Tablo to primary router in another room… I am now hardwired into a range extender next to TV that wifi’s to primary router… All routers\extenders are 802 ac and using the 5 ghz band.

I see 500, 600, 1000, 1200 Mbs powerline enet adapters…

Will it do any good to get powerline enet adapters any faster than say 200 Mbs?

Remember that your internet speed has no effect on the Tablo (except your upload speed for Tablo Connect). Most local networks are up to 1 Gbps, though it depends on your ports and your wireless speeds.

So, yes, it will help to use the faster powerline adapters. They also are somewhat like wireless in that the speeds are “up to” a certain point based on ideal conditions, and most of us don’t have ideal conditions.


Another thing to remember with powerline adaptors is if they are not all rated for the same speed (or one is on a poor line or has weak signal) the rest of the units will slow down to match the speed of the slowest one (if you use multiple devices)

Another thing to remember is that most of the rated speeds are “lab condition” one-direction transfer speeds. Actual throughput of a duplex (ethernet) connection is half the rated power line max speed. Plus actual throughput on power line is almost always about 1/4 of the rated speed. If you have to go power line and not DECA/MOCA, get the highest rated units you can, and (as other members pointed out) get the kind that has an outlet passthrough.

I’d have to disagree with this … Mine get pretty much the speed advertised… I think a lot of it depends on how clean the wiring in your house is and if you can plug the unit directly into the wall socket (and avoid using extension cords or power strips). I forget the model my cousin has but it even has indicator lights RED/YELLOW/GREEN indicating operating transmission speed so you can tell if your setup/outlet selection is optimal. She had to move hers around a few times on the remote end to find an outlet that gave a solid green indicator.

I plugged 3 different brands (each paired) into the same wall outlet and could only get yellow indicators. My house isn’t that old. The last time I tried, however, was about 2-3 years ago. I’ve had MOCA since then and my network has been rock solid. Newer models might have gotten better.

It could have been something with how your wiring was or your circuit breaker was one or one of those installation situations where you needed to have a “bridge” installed in the panel.

MOCA for me wasn’t even an option as we had zero coax installed.

Make sure you get the newer HomePlug AV2 standard, not the ‘AV’.