Power outage = no Tablo on Apple TV

We had bad power outages here in the Midwest. Power’s back on.
However, I’m not able to connect to My tablo with my Apple TV. It finds the Tablo but can’t connect.
The weird thing is I can connect and watch content on tablo using my iPhone and the Tablo app.
Internet is still down but wifi is working fine.


If you have anything wired with ethernet cable, I’d check those cables.

Also, I’d reboot the local area network. Turn off router, tablo dvr, then finally devices (appletv etc). Turn on router…wait…turn on tablo dvr…wait…finally turn on apple tv. This tactic can help if there is a DHCP error somewhere within your LAN.

Thanks Kirk but to clarify, internet is down. Wifi is not.

I used to have issues with my two Tablo DVRs when the router was rebooted (i.e. power outage or resetting the router). I configured my router to give them a static IP address, and the problems went away.

Will try that

You might want to query Tablo HQ to see if Apple TV uses a server-based authentication service. Roku devices need the internet in order to authenticate with Tablo before they will play recordings.

Since when? I thought the Roku devices work with the internet down as long as your router is operational?

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I have no issues on my Roku and FireTV devices (this is what I use most often) when the internet has gone out (this is very rare for me). I do know the browser based applications (i.e. my.tablotv.com) doesn’t work because the internet is out…

Depending on your network setup, a part of the discovery process may be failing locally and could have been relying on our server to complete. Since you’re without internet now, it’s possible this is being exposed. Are you still seeing the same results after some troubleshooting?