Power Disruption

So, I had to unplug my Tablo and then plug back in. The light blinked on and off and then set back to the off position (I had it set that way).

The question I have is…do I need to rescan my antenna and everything or am I good to go?

On a related topic, if this were to happen for a prolonged time frame…how would I know?..and would I need to re-scan the antenna?

I had a power outage that lasted about two hours longer than my battery backup did this past Monday evening. Had more pressing issues to worry about than the Tablo. A few days later my wife couldn’t stream the Bachelorette and after further thought, that was when the outage occurred.

The recording didn’t have a line through it and it attempted to play but would hang until aborted.

Never had to re-scan. The recordings the rest of the week were fine.

Bummed that it didn’t show the program was bad.

Getting a bigger UPS now :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t ever have to rescan your antenna unless you move you antenna or do a factory reset.  Normal power outages or regular resets won’t affect it.

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Thanks to both.

So if you have a power blip should the Tablo restart the recording once it powers up?  If not, devs should look at that.

@VegasSteve I thought the same thing a few days ago when having thunderstorms in our area.  It wasn’t recording at the time so I’m not sure what would happen.  We are supposed to have some more this evening, I might load it up with recording all night and hope for a power outage to test.

So yesterday we had a pretty good storm roll thru the Chicago area. Interestingly enough no power outage during the storm, however last night (no storm) my power flicked (split second) about 530 and then again at 740ish. Nothing was recording during the first, but the second time I had a two hour Hells Kitchen recording and a one hour Penn and Teller running. Both recorded about 42 min and then stopped. No crossed outs, just short recording. Hells Kitchen is my wifes show so I bout last nights episode thru Amazon so she can see it tonight, but…

@TabloSupport are we looking at a way for the Tablo to pick back up a recording that stopped for this sort of reason? Since the Tablo doesn’t need internet to record shouldn’t there be a way for it to “restart” and then find shows that are slotted in that time to record and start over with a new recording or pick up at that time on the old?

@napercort We are indeed - failed or partial recordings aren’t something we want our users to become used to. So, we’re looking at ways to stabilizer this experience, and to provide plenty of feedback to the user on what exactly happened when it’s unavoidable. 

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Agreed, an improvement if a power outage occurs during a recording should be looked at to improve the experience.  I’ve had a couple recordings do the same thing the past couple months with storms in the area.  They record up to the point of power outage and then do not continue after power returns.  The recording shows up properly but when you look at the recording time it always shows up short of the allotted time.

I guess a small UPS could be added to my system but I haven’t thought of that as an option as it wasn’t needed with the previous cable box.

I bought a UPS. Unfortunately, the “trip” when it comes on seems to have the same effect as a complete power outage. The recording stops. So my purchase of the UPS was a waste of $$. :frowning:

I have a Tripp Light UPS on my Tablo.  I’ll have to record somehting and unplug it in the process and see what happens.  I’m curious now.

I would love to see a kinder/gentler requirement for the connection to the internet. Here’s why:

We had a major power outage!
I have a generator and powered the house back up. Everything comes back on. BUT the cable provider’s head end was also out of power (the head end is for the local area, it’s outside of my house at their location but what I need to have an internet connection). So even though my Tablo, TV, Roku and wireless network were up and running. Because I couldn’t connect to the Internet, I couldn’t get to Tablo (I would get the “Authorization failed” message).

Realizing there are reasons the Tablo device needs to connect to the internet (guide updates, remote access, etc.) if the device could provide a warning and still let you connect and use/play content coming to the antenna, I could still have watched TV (recordings or live from my antenna). While not a common occurrence, that softer message and allowing functionality would be nice (along with a warning of why this isn’t a good long-term idea for using Tablo).

That error should not occur using a Roku.
Something is awry.

This can happen if the Tablo is booted into a network that has no internet connectivity. I made a recent post about this in this thread.

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Yep. That was the situation. The network had no internet connectivity. I wish it would have worked… Thanks.