Possible? Record late starting show due to prior live show

Is it possible for the tablo to adjust it’s start recording time for a show that starts late due to a show prior to it being live and running long - i.e. sports?

I presume the answer is no because I don’t see how the tablo (currently) has data to know the live show ran long.

FWIW - I’m running an Apple TV with Tablo

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Not possible today. However, there are “sources” for knowing when a live sports event ends… and that could be used, but might take some work… it’s possible, but maybe not easy to do. But I do challenge the Nuvyyo folks to look into it.

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Yes, this is a real problem with CBS when they are showing sports on weekends. An easy enhancement for Tablo to do would be to have a feature to allow the user to automatically extend the recording by a choice of time periods - such as 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes. So, for instance extend a one hour show by 60 minutes and when you watch it, pick up the relevant material. My late Verizon DVR had this feature. Perhaps not too sophisticated but it got the job done.

Sounds easy… but what if there’s no tuner avalable? Conflict resolution isn’t automatic on Tablo.

Well, you just have to recognize that you are extending the use of the tuner used to record the show you want.

My point is that the tuner (all tuners) might be allocated to something else (on a different channel for example).

Conflict resolution doesn’t need to be automatic. When you set up the recording, you specify the extension. That sets the tuner allocation right there. So you’ll get the conflict notification immediately. Or whenever the program schedule updates, which is no different than what happens now if the time slot for a show changes.

uh… ok… I still think you may over simplying this. But if it works for you…