Possible New Feature

Having Taboo Ripper (thanks CycleJ), I see the need to tell Tablo to record a certain season or seasons or even episodes within a season or seasons (in other words, I have certain episodes in a season already copied off using Taboo Ripper that Taboo doesn’t see I have anymoire and so I only need these other episodes in the season to complete the season and I don’t want to have to remember what episodes I already have). I don’t see this feature now but is it something that could be added in the near future?

Also, with certain online TV schedulers, you can have a wish list as such that will be on the look out for a certain show, movie, actor and possibly director, etc so that when their show, movie, etc comes available, it alerts you so you can watch or record - could Tablo do this, too? Thanks, Jan

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