Possible Memory Leak: Tablo 2.2.6 and Roku 7.0?

Since updating to the Tablo 2.2.6 and Roku 7.0 firmware, and the latest Tablo app on the Roku (whatever # that is…), I’ve had some new playback performance problems appear. I have a 4-tuner Tablo hardwired into my LAN, 2 hard-wired Roku 3’s, and 1 wifi-connected Roku 2 (newer build). Everything had been going pretty well with my setup until updating to Tablo 2.2.6 and Roku 7.0 FW.
Issue #1:
I’ve had my recording quality set to 3 Mbps for quite a while now, and prior to these two updates, I rarely, if ever, saw a “Loading Please Wait”. Now I typically see a “Loading Please Wait” pop up about 10 minutes or so into playback of a recorded show, for every single show I watch. Both on the wired and with wifi-connected Rokus. I’ll only see it once during typical 30 or 60 minute recordings. Not a huge deal, but as I said, prior to getting these two new FW updates, I thought that I had forever banished the “Loading Please Wait” message by dropping down to 3 Mbps. I’ll occasionally see it during Live TV, but it’s more rare, which seems odd to me.
Issue #2:
I’m not sure what triggers it, but after watching a recorded show for a while, the Tablo app on the Roku will get very sluggish responding to Roku remote presses. Very quickly after this starts, it will stop responding to remote presses at all. If I can manage to get a “Home” press in before that happens, I can re-start the Tablo app and every thing is fine for a while. If I can’t get “Home”, I have to reboot my Roku. This behavior occurs on all of my Roku’s, both wired and wifi. Seems like it could be a memory leak? I do not see this behavior in the other Roku apps I use, like Hulu or Netflix. Which makes me think it’s specifically a problem with Roku 7.0 / Tablo 2.2.6 /latest Tablo app for Roku.

I’ve tried rebooting my Tablo, but the above behaviors persist. I’ve not tried a factory reset. I’m loathe to lose all my recordings.

Has anyone else seen this–especially Issue #2?

The LPW issue is known with some networking configurations on 2.2.6. Get the 2.2.7 beta, it should fix your issue.

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However this is a good question apart from any specific problem. I reboot my PCs weekly knowing that processes leak memory and leave resources locked. What does one do with a DVR which in actuality is also a PC with processes that consume memory and lock resources? Is a Tablo reboot valuable every so often?

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I started seeing both these issues after updating to Roku software V7 yesterday afternoon. My Tablo is on 2.2.7 Beta #4 which. I’m pretty sure the Roku update is responsible for the problem, as shortly after the update to V7, I was using the remote from the home screen position and the Roku stopped responding and then spontaneously rebooted.

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I have both of these issues after updating to Roku 7. Still on FW 2.2.2 for Tablo. So definitely Roku 7 related.

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I have both same Issues. Roku 3 original and Tablo 4 Tuner 2.2.6,
No problem whatsoever with my Nexus Player or on the PCs and Tablets.
Hope for a solution.

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So, it sounds like I’m not the only one experiencing these issues with my Tablo via Roku 7.0. I’m going to submit a ticket at Tablo Support and reference this thread.

Unfortunately, there was no way to avoid updating my Roku streaming sticks to V7… as I don’t like to change more than one thing at a time, I don’t know whether the issue I’m having (after a while, Roku locks up after I’ve done several fast forwards through commercials and then reboots) is related to the Roku update, Tablo 2.2.7 Beta #4, or perhaps the latest Roku software, Channel 2.0 Build 15.

I doubt it’s possible to do a downgrade of Roku software, but maybe the Nuvyyo folks can figure it out.

Edit: When watching a show earlier, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, I was fast forwarding through a commercial somewhere around 45 minutes in to the show, and Roku locked up and then rebooted. I’ve taken to manually rebooting Roku before I start watching recorded content. It’ll be interesting, when I get a chance, to see if the lockup/reboot issue happens on other Roku channels.

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On a hunch, I loaded up the Tablo legacy app for Roku, to try to separate out the problem… too many variables here. Roku streaming stick with V7 software, Tablo 2.2.7 Beta #4, and New Tablo channel for Roku.

On the Legacy channel, I was able to watch a complete 1 hour recorded show with no issues, but after a minute or two into the second show, the screen froze and Roku rebooted spontaneously. So, it’s likely not the Roku Tablo channel that’s at issue. That leaves the new Tablo software, and the Roku V7 update. If @Sheltrk experienced the problem with Tablo 2.2.6 software, which did not exhibit the LPW, lockup and reboot problems for me, then it’s almost certainly a problem with the Roku V7 software… something changed that makes the Roku software not want to play nicely with the Tablo Roku channel.

Roku hasn’t completed the rollout of V7 to their entire userbase yet. That’s expected to happen by the end of November, and we may see more users affected. I wonder if it’s possible to get the previous version of software back on to the Roku.

Anyway, I hope this observation is helpful to @TabloTV

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Just spent the better part of an hour in a chat window with Roku support… I drew the line at doing a factory reset on my streaming stick. Anyway, they can’t downgrade to the previous software, as I suspected. And they have the information about the issue with Tablo, so at least they’re aware. I’ll periodically check for Roku software updates, but I suspect that the Tablo team will ultimately be the ones to have to solve it. In the meantime, I may look at the Nexus Player or the Fire Stick as a stopgap measure.

Went back and checked my 3500X Roku streaming sticks… With a quick check, I could not get them to exhibit the lockup/reboot problem. Then went back to my 3400X streaming stick, and was able to get it to reboot while watching recorded content, after hitting Play / Fast Forward / Play / Fast Forward a number of times.

Nice thing about the 3400X is that it’s integrated in to my JVC TV through the MHL port. As such, the TV’s remote is able to act as the Roku remote as well. I still strongly believe the update to Roku 7.0 broke something, making it incompatible with the Tablo software.

On the other hand, I did get a Nexus Player, and the Tablo software is much slicker on that platform.

That’s why I suggested the Nexus Player with the Tablo for my neighbor’s home theater. Having read through the forum postings here, I did not want to take any chances at all with his home theater setup. It cost too much to have a degree of uncertainty and unpredictability there (as well as a disgruntled neighbor)!

I still have this issue, has anyone heard anything in the last 13 days?

Yes. Tablo rolled out FW 2.2.8. At least in part it was help with some of the problems that showed up with Roku 7.0 FW. It was supposed to improve speed, stability, and decrease the “Loading Please Wait” frequency. It seems to have helped some. But the Tablo app is still not as stable on any of my Rokus prior to Roku 7.0 FW. I still see a “Loading Please Wait” pop up towards the beginning of a program pretty reliably. And it locks ups / stops responding to the Roku remote after some time. It seems like more pause/rewind/ffwd commands make it lock up faster than if I just let a show play. I’ve found rebooting the Roku seems to fix things for a while, but gradually the instability gets worse, and I end up rebooting the Tablo too.

Similar experience for me. My Tablo-Roku 3 combo worked perfectly for about a year… just prior to the Table 2.2.2 FW and Roku version prior to 7.0. Since then, I dependably get LPWs… a couple during each 1 hour show and the occasional complete hang-up/Roku reboot. Nothing has changed in my setup over the past year. Wired to Tablo from nearby router and wireless to Roku.

Something in the last couple of upgrades of either Tablo and/or Roku has caused erratic performance as described above. Not terrible, but not very good either. I have done all the suggested reboots in correct order and it will sometimes help a little, but the performance glitches are still there, whereas they were NEVER there before the recent “upgrades”

I haven’t seen your #2 issue.

Since getting the Roku V7 firmware I have had my 2XS lock with a black screen (had to unplug), exhibit very bad stuttering, and just plain restart - but so far NONE of these issues has happened while running Tablo (2.2.8). Roku V7 firmware is definitely a step backwards - previous version (V6) was very stable for me.

I have started to see this where my Roku starts to become unresponsive to the remote, requires a reboot and then I can start watching again. I have also seen the issue with Netflix as well, but way more prevalent with Tablo. Using the latest release of the Tablo app


Same lock-ups here. And it happens typically when first starting to navigate the Roku channels. Started a few weeks ago. Never locks up while viewing a channel however. Works fine during Tablo use and the only other 2 channels I use (YouTube and Pandora).

I’ll throw a new twist on the Roku. All of my recordings are recorded at 720p. I watched an episode of the tonight show using the new roku app. Zero problems.

I only keep around 5-10 app installed on my roku. But I saw a new CBS app I would like to try out. I backed all the way out of the tablo app. I then updated/installed the new CBS app.

When I tried to use the tablo app to play the next episode of the tonight show, it went into an infinite reload loop about 5 minutes into the episode. I let it loop for around 10-15 minutes.

I finally gained enough control to back out of the tablo app. I rebooted the roku. Everything is now working as expected.

I actually saw it today on one of my Roku’s with Amazon today. However, it eventually came back and did not require a reboot.