Positive Experience - UPDATE

I found that forums really aren’t used unless there’s a problem (i’m guilty of this too).  But i wanted to share that i’ve had a really solid user experience so far.  I have a 2 tuner unit that is rock solid, great picture and great performance.

Keep up the great work and I look forward to future enhancments!

So glad you started this thread.  I almost started it earlier.  Honestly, I have had a great experience also since I purchased the powerline ethernet adaptors which allowed me to have my roku3 hardwired.  The Ipad app is also awesome.  I am confident future updates will continuing to make improvements.

This is really great to  hear.  I just got my 4-tuner unit the other day and started to use for mostly testing purposes, and I agree that the experience is generally solid – though most of my issues are related mostly to the antenna’s reception and positioning.  Tablo is a beautiful device that, while still very early, has tremendous potential.  I love the gorgeous interfaces; it makes me appreciate broadcast television in a totally new way.

@tacopeland Thanks for sharing!

I have the new quad DVR. Great device with great support via phone. (have not tried online support) Basics are all there and working. Some bugs to work out. The last update introduced a few bugs that had been worked out in prior dev fork, but not migrated into this fork. A few features are not working like jump ahead in recorded media.

The good news is that this is a very strong debut for a brand new product. This will live on and I recommend it to people today exactly as it is knowing it is only going to get better. I have full confidence in the product and the team that brought it to us lucky users.
My history: almost 10 years ago I built my first PC based dvr, upgraded 2 times and lost my last one to lightning. My last unit was about $800 investment. This product is $300 and it is almost ready to eclipse the usability and function of what I had.

My one hope: I hope syncing can be made to be faster.

My one desire: I really desire a successful Tablo platform for us cord cutters to depend on for many years to come. It is the answer to my needs.