Portable hard drive light not on, not connected after working fine before

I’ve had tablo working really well now for about 5 months. I’m avoiding the latest update because my dad is travelling overseas and is using it and I don’t want him to lose the connection. Periodically the remote access turns off, but I easily turn it back on. Didn’t work last time so I reset tablo. But portable Seagate hard drive light is not on. It comes on when plugged to computer. Doesn’t work in either use port. Any ideas? Will updating fix all this? Is there a way to reconnect my dads iPad after? Thanks for your help!

  1. Plug in the USB HDD back into the Tablo.
  2. Reboot your Tablo by holding down the blue button on the back of the Tablo for 1 second. This just power cycles it. If that doesn’t work, unplug the Tablo for 1 minute then plug it in after.
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Hey thanks for the quick reply. It’s working again, thought I’d mention what happened in case it helps someone else. The harddrive does work in other device usb ports as I mentioned earlier, but i realize now that other hard drives work in the tablo usb port. I couldn’t swap the cable (weird male bit on the seagate). So, I added an extension cable with two male bits plugged in, figured it needed more power or something. This worked, but I only needed to plug one of the extender plugs in. I have no clue why this works. Hope it lasts :smile:

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Weird - maybe contact Seagate for a replacement USB cable? Or get a USB hub with a separate power adapter to power the HDD? Weird power issues are never good for electronics.

My HDD is externally powered. No issues.

@Felicity_Stark - Glad it’s up & working again. We’ve seen a few Seagate drive connectors fail.

You can try picking this one up as a replacement: http://www.monoprice.com/Product?c_id=103&cp_id=10303&cs_id=1030310&p_id=11166&seq=1&format=2