Port Forwarding X-box One


OK. Off topic but may be of interest to some. An exercise in port forwarding, if nothing else.

My grandson wanted to play on our home X-box at a remote location using a Windows 10 PC. I found on the Internet a set of port forwarding values that have worked for me. See values in attached screenshot of my router setup. Substitute the IP address of your X-box for the internal IP address. You should set up the X-box to remain turned on when not actively accessed to increase odds of connecting remotely.

Good luck to those who try this.


Cool - how fast is your internet upload speed that he can play remotely? Or does the game download on that remote PC before playing?


My upload speed is 50 Mbps. Not certain how the game loads up on the remote PC. All I know is my grandson is a happy camper, which is all that matters.


And what’s your view on adopting adults?


Outstanding. Great information, thank you for this contribution.


I need to mention that, to access your home X-box on a remote PC, you need to link to the public IP address assigned to your cable modem by your ISP. You can normally see that address in your Router or go to some website that can identify your public IP address.

Windows 10 has a free X-box app as part of a normal install and if needed is available at the Windows App Store. You would enter the public IP address in that app where you add an X-box to link to. If you use the Windows X-box app at home you would use the local network IP address of your X-box. In that case port forwarding is not required.

There may be other ports that work, but these are the ones I found first after a Google search and they seem to work fine.

BTW, I don’t really play any X-box games at all. My job as grandpa is to make the device connectivity work. That is my fun.