Port forwarding used to work. Now it doesn't

I use port forwarding to access my Tablo Quad remotely. This used to work fine until a couple of months ago or so. It seems like somewhere around the upgrade from version 2.2.6 to 2.2.7 is when I noticed the problem but I can’t pin it on 2.2.7 or 2.2.8 yet. I was using a 2wire766 modem/router and forwarding port 21021 to 8887 and port 21020 to port 80. This had been working fine, suddenly it stopped and both ports weren’t forwarding. Tablo support got involved and we learned that if you forward either port, it works but if you forward both ports it doesn’t. We tried reassigning new ports to my Tablo. That didn’t help. I called AT&T and quickly exhausted their expertise so they sent me a new 2wire844 modem to replace my 2wire766 model. It behaves identically. We could get either port to forward on its own but as soon as you include both port forwarding rules both ports return this message “connection refused. Unable to connect to remote host.” Tablo support reassigned my ports to see if that would help. Now I have a rule forwarding port 31880 to port 80 and port 31881 to port 8887. Same thing. Does not work but if you have just one rule in place, it works for that port. Can anyone help? Does anyone out there have a TabloQuad and use a 2wire modem? If so, can you see if Remote Access (in settings) is working for you? I also checked my Firewall to make sure nothing was interfering with the ports there. Nothing was using 21020 or 21021 or 8887. I found that 2 outbound rules from Intuit were listing ports 80 and 443 in the remote port column and “any” in the “local port” column. This is not surprising as port 80 is for anything with an HTTP address. I disabled those 2 rules for the testing described above and everything behaved the same so I don’t think my firewall is interfering. We thought about testing what would happen if they rolled my software back to version 2.2.6 or older but decided this is too risky as I have a half filled 5TB drive that took 4 days to copy 2 TB of shows from my old drive. Database could get corrupted. Would like to identify someone with a working TabloQuad and 2wire modem first. Thank you.


Hey folks - anyone have a setup similar to that of @jimlawrence’s? We’ve seen plenty of customers use 2-wire routes from AT&T, but we haven’t seen this kind of behaviour before. Wondering if anyone else has reproduced this?

I know that at my house the 2wire from ATT won’t let you do anything with port 443 (it’s theirs alone). But that’s the only problem I found.

@cjcox I remember you helped us expose this - we weren’t aware that AT&T wouldn’t allow 443 for a while. What we’re seeing with @jimlawrence’s set up is somewhat similar.

Each port forwarding rule will work independently - but if you try and add both, they will both fail immediately.