Port forwarding & locating IP Address

I’m new to tablo and set my system up over the weekend. Got to the section for remote access and it said I needed to go to my router and forward the un open port. My internet provider Time Warner is able to assist me, however my tablo is showing I am now connected (not true) and I can no longer access that set up section on my tablo to get port and IP address info needed to properly configure my tablo. I’ve unplugged my tablo in the hopes that it would allow access, but no luck. Thank you in advance for any help you can offer. Bob

Are you talking about this?

If so, try unchecking the box and recheck the box. It may sort itself out…

You go to my.tablotv.com in the Chrome browser on a computer. Go to Settings.

If the information is no longer there and it says Tablo Connect is configured properly then likely your modem/router combo from your ISP uses UPnP and the Tablo automatically configured the port forwarding for you.

@Bobrowe62 Just echo’ing @theuser86 here, but if the Tablo now says ‘Ready for remote access’ this means it’s managed to set up the rules automatically. You can turn the Tablo Connect feature off, and then back on again to make it run this test again.

Thanks everyone your suggestions worked awesome!

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