Port Forwarding and Eero Router

Really have left alone. I do believe this is a Tablo issue to resolve. I can remotely connect through the EERO to other devices (ie Wemo switches, Rachio Sprinkler controller, and Directv DVR). Thanks for your reply.

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I have Wemo switches, Phillips Hue, Utalents HD cams, Ring door bell, Momentum garage opener with cam can connect and communicate via apps with my android phone without any port needs to be open, but my Lorex cams for outside I have to open 2 port to view them just like Tablo some device port needs be mess around some don’t. I just call Tablo support tell them what router I use and they email me an instruction very easy and solve my problem. Just give them a call there very helpful.

I had the same problem with my Eero port forwarding. The ports where changing all the time because my Eero was connected to my modem/router combo. So i had 2 routers on my network (double NAT). After I switched Eero system into bridge mode, problem was sloved.

Do you mean you put the Eero in AP (access point) mode? I just looked it up, Eero calls AP mode “bridge mode”. See link below.

Or did you actually put your ISP modem in bridge mode? I prefer to do this because the router functions such as DHCP, port forwarding, VPN are usually better on your own router versus the ISP modem.

I had so much trouble with eero with my tablo, ring door bell and more

Went to the ASUS ax11000 and not 1 issue

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Did you figure this out. I have the eero mesh system and can’t get the tablo to remote connect. My plex is working fine with the port forwarding but cant get tablo going.