Port forwarding 2

Hi this isn’t a new question. Trying to setup port forwarding. I enabled the UPNP/DLNA. Contacted isp, and they said I needed a static ip address.
The router provided by ISP is Nokia-D060. Any suggestions or do I need to get a 3rd party router?

I can tell you that my ISP provides me with a dynamic WAN IP, and I can access my Tablo from outside my home. I do have a static IP for my Tablo on my local LAN, using the address reservation feature of my router.

My router allows me to set up port forwarding, and I’ve set that up as follows. Internal port 80 is mapped to external port 21030. Internal port 8887 is mapped to external port 21031. Both are mapped to my Tablo’s static LAN IP.

I set this up a long time ago, and I remember there was something odd about the port assignments, but don’t remember exactly what. But, this is what I have, and it’s working for me. I hope that helps you.

This Nokia router is a bit different. I live out in a rural area and I only have access to wireless internet. Doing research I thought enable the UPNP would allow auto setup.

You’re probably subject to CGNAT if you’re using a cell-based or even WISP internet connection. In those cases, you cannot make port forwarding work since your WAN IP address is not a public IP address. You can tell for sure if you can see what the WAN IP address is on your router.

The ISP wants to charge you more for a non-NAT IP address.

Looking into my supplied router, wan ip is
Under advanced settings for port forwarding several sup, port triggering, DONS, NTP, UPNP/DLNA. Also has Application name, Custon settings, has what appears to be game options. Under the second custom settings has 3 unknown devices listed. I believe one is the Tablo. Is there a way to check?

Yup. That’s designated as part of a Private IP address range. You will NOT be able to get port forwarding to work with that IP address, with any router.

Thanks for your helpful information
I felt something was wrong when I tried to connect the Tablo without Ethernet cable. Kept getting unsecured network.

Not sure what that has to do with port forwarding, but whatever…