Poor Reception, but only in the morning?

Does this make sense to anyone?, and is there something that i need to do differently? I get really laggy local TV reception, where it loads up, but then stops and replays the reloaded version and then pauses to reload again. But the problem usually only occurs in the morning!

I am running a 4 tuner tablo on roku 2 boxes. While one is wired to my network, the other 2 access table via wifi. Any ideas? is there something that makes reception harder in the morning?

Thanks for any help.

One thing to try, go to Settings via my.tablotv.com in the Chrome browser, and uncheck “Fast Live TV Startup”. This has fixed the issue for others.

My first thought was a signal strenght/antenna issue. If the option theuser86 mentioned doesn’t help, you may need to make some changes to your antenna. Atmospheric conditions can and do change throughout the day.

As @ddd671 says, this could easily be a reception problem. The symptom points to reception being the first place to look. Reception can vary by time of day, time of year, weather and more.

Many TV’s have a tuner signal strength meter. What some users, that have reported this problem, do is direct connect the antenna to the TV and record the information during the good and bad times of the day. This yields a pretty good indication of signal strength when the problem occurs.