Plex/tablo connection gone bad

Last night I updated my Tablo to the new firmware.
Today, my Plex app running ion Nvidia Shield can not find my Tablo anymore.
I can connect from my phone, from my computer, … but NOT from the Shield.
Tried to un-install/re-install Plex-- Plex is showing all of the channels,
including Tablo, but the error is consistent:
“Could Not Connect to your tablo”


Same for me, w/plex on the Roku.

Having the same problem with tablo channel in plex failing to connect using either Windoes 10 pc, roku, chromecast or MI box.

Same here- looking for a Plex update that fixes the pluggin on Roku and or Apple tv 4

Yes, same problem here. I thought I waited long enough to install the latest firmware–but I was wrong. Please someone…how can I back off to the last version???

@TabloTV @TabloSupport - any word on this? I too have Plex that was able to see my Tablo, but no longer can after this latest upgrade. Any secret sauce to get it working again? I’m not (currently) a heavy Plex user, but am planning to go that way, so this is disturbing. Not going to be able to sell the fam on how good this cool tech is if it breaks with each upgrade…

You guys do understand the Plex app was written by a third party and Tablo has no control over that. @Davidvr might be able to help. But I have not seen him on here for a long time

@Jestep Yes, I do understand. What I am asking is go back to the prior release which worked. How do I do that? If I had seen this thread first, I would have never allowed the upgrade. Partly my fault but I cannot understand why TABLO will not embrace PLEX. I have reported my request to @TabloSupport and am awaiting their reply.

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I am happy to report that @TabloSupport was able to roll back my firmware to 2.2.10 and the Tablo channel on PLEX is working again. Thank goodness! @TabloSupport was quite prompt with my support request and very friendly and cooperative. My special thanks to Sam.


How was this done? I would like to give it a try, as I just got my Tablos this week.

@Jestep @TabloTV Tablo does have some control. I was in the software industry for 30 years. At my last position we had a similar situation. We would test with many 3rd party apps and major customer apps before a new release. How many 3rd party apps would Tablo need to test with? The ripper and plex are pretty important. Had they discovered plex was broken they could have worked around the issue if possible or at least notified the customer base that plex no longer works so customers could make informed decisions.

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@Kovster If you are asking how I made the request to have my firmware rolled back, it was via this web site link:

They changed their API over a year ago and that would be up to any 3rd party developer to fix. They have had the new API in the code that long with the warning that the switch to turn off the old API was coming.

The rest of us working on our own code have done so, however, the Plex guys don’t seem to be on this board anymore. However, it is open for anyone to modify and it looks like it is still active:

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