PLEX Player -- New way to watch Tablo

I suppose a number of folks here already watch their tablo on PLEX using the Tablo plugin. It works well, especially for those of us who cannot get to our tablo over the internet for one reason or another. PLEX always lets me connect on any of my devices from anyplace, so my tablo is there if I want to watch, record, or whatever.

So, PLEX is just now coming out with their own windows/Mac PLEX Player. I just got it, but so far I like it. Just now went to my Tablo Channel on it and it really is nice and quick. Jumping forward and backward is instant and play quality is top notch.

I’d suggest those having problem connecting to or using their tablo with other apps consider PLEX. It really is the best option for me there is right now. Of course I have a huge personal library all on PLEX so I am for sure biased, but still you just might like PLEX and now the PLEX Player.

Unfortunately, right now it is only available for those with a PLEX Pass, but I’m sure it will be available shortly for all to use.


I saw some email this morning about this but I don’t see anything really new from the old way to play. What am I missing?

I normally use my browser to play PLEX on the PC. I have also used PLEX home theater, but it limited the way I do things too much without mouse input, so didn’t use it very long. This new PLEX Player uses the mouse and it is alot nicer for me then using the browser. It has different controls, quicker, much better on the eyes, no f11 to get to full screen. Just start using it, but so far it is a much better experience. Simple things like FF and RR are right on the screen which fade away when not used.

If you have PLEX PASS it’s an easy download to try.


yes, i’ve been using the PLEX Tablo channel too. for those who are experiencing the “Loading… Please Wait” issue with the Roku, what I’ve found is that using the Roku PLEX channel to play the Tablo channel is a better experience than using the Roku Tablo channel. The reason is this: using the Roku Tablo channel, when you get the “Loading… Please Wait” problem, when it eventually comes back it seems to restart playback a few seconds before where you left off. So you end up re-watching 5 or so seconds of what you’ve already seen. If this was a infrequent occurance, it wouldn’t matter, but those like myself with the Loading Please Wait problem have it occur quite often. With the PLEX/Tablo combo, as convoluted as it is, the problem manifests as a pause of the playback stream for a second or two and then continues to play where it left off. Obviously, you still experience the issue, but at least you’re not constantly watching the same 5 second scene all over again.

I problem I had with the Tablo Channel on PLEX, subtitles weren’t available, so I didn’t pursue it.