Plex channel on Android

I’ve been reading through a few of these threads as well as google and I’m trying to figure some things out before I take the plunge with Tablo.

  1. Reading the Plugin 2.0 thread, a lot of people are having issues with the channel on android devices. Is this just with the new channel or also with the original channel?

  2. Does the old channel work with the newer tablo box if the new channel doesn’t work?

  3. I own a Sony nsz-gs7 and Logitech revue, both can run plex. Anyone able to get these devices to work with either Plex Channel? I plan on getting the Nvidia Shield but would like to keep these devices on other TVs and still use Tablo through plex. (I believe the official app will not work with these either)

Thanks for any input!

If you have Android devices, you can also install and use the native Tablo app. It does work well. The development of the Plex channel for the Tablo has been halted by the 3rd party developer until Tablo completes some updates to their infrastructure over the next few months.

There is a Android Tablo Web app for Android smartphones and tablets. There is Android TV Tablo app for Android TV devices. There is also a Fire TV Tablo app for those who like to use Amazon devices (the Fire TV runs a modified version of Android OS).

Scroll down to “Tablo Apps” in the link below:

Yes, I understand there is an official app but I am unaware of it working with the older Sony or Logitech boxes. Being if it does not work, I was hoping to use the Plex channel to make up for it. That is why I’m concerned.

My apologies. But both of those boxes are Google TV boxes and are based on Android OS 3.2 so unfortunately they will not work with any of the Tablo native apps. The minimum version is Android 4.1 for the Tablo apps.

Plex will unlikely be successful for you as well given how dated the OS is.

Google TV was successed by Android TV so that may suit you better:

For those interested, I have the Logitech Revue as well as the Sony NSZ-GS7 and the default Tablo Channel that you install through the Plex manager works on both boxes. It does show a loading circle while the show is playing but that is minor to me as they are on secondary TVs (bedrooms, basement) and I won’t have to buy new devices. So yes the Plex Tablo Channel works on both of those older devices for now.