Plex App Live Channel Cache

@DavidVR & @Pix64 - can you tell me how to completely uninstall/purge the Tablo channel from my plex server?  Where is the live channel list cached?    I’ve been using the channel successfully with my Ubuntu 12.04 server, but ever since the .28 firmware upgrade, the live channel listing within the plex Tablo channel shows the actual channels along side some old cached version of each channel.  Obviously the cached versions won’t play - they’re just in the live channel list with program names that aren’t actually on.   The real stations in the list actually play.   I’d like to clear the whole thing and start over.    Any thoughts or recommendations?


If you did a default install of PLEX server, you should look in C:\Users\‘your user name’\appdata\Plex Media Server\Plug-in Support\Caches\com.plexapp.plugins.tablo.

What is there is for the tablo plugin, so I would suppose after you uninstall table from you PLEX server, whatever is leftover could be deleted.  I’d probably do a complete system restart after I uninstalled tablo and then have a look in there for these files.  

Good Luck.


On my windows machine I can right click on the plex tray icon and select open plugin folder. In the plugin folder just delete tablo and restart plex.

That’s convenient isn’t it.  My server is on my QNap TS-451 NAS, so I don’t have it that way.  I was just going off memory from when I first install PLEX on my PC.


Thanks guys - but as I said, Plex is running on my Linux server…ie: not Windows.    I guess I’ll remove the channel and see if I can find any other references to it on the server.


Edit:  Ok - Thanks Rodger, your tip was the clue.  I guess I should have done more hunting before posting my original question.  The caches and data for the plug-ins appear to be in “$PLEXHOME/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Plug-in Support” in the Caches and Data directories.   I wiped out the Tablo specific files and restarted the server…and all appears to be well.

@MikeNE on Mac it is here

~/Library/Application\\ Support/Plex\\ Media\\ Server/Plug-in\\ Support/Data/com.plexapp.plugins.tablo

You can remove that entire folder and it will get recreated after you restart and go to the Channel

If you are still seeing it, it may be some other issue not identified yet

Thanks Jestep - I edited my last post with the answer.   As it turns out, I was initially looking in the wrong place after I removed the Tablo channel.  I was looking in /var/lib/plexmediaserver/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Plug-in Support - which appears to be a default install of what is in the $PLEXHOME tree.   Dumb mistake…


Glad you fixed it.  Now get the backup thingy working so I can backup my tablo content to PLEX!  Carry on.