Plex and Tablo -- question for any current users

I’ve been successfully (on and off) using the Tablo channel bundle for Plex for several months, and noticed a new issue that cropped up a few weeks ago (around Nov 15th).

Since then, Plex has only showed programs recorded before 11/15/17, on all tabs. (Shows, movies, sports, most recent). Some of the programs listed have been deleted from my Tablo, yet “they persist” on the selection menu in the Plex Tablo Channel.

I’ve deleted the channel, and all app data files for Tablo, and re-installed. The same pre-11/15/17 channels come back, so I must be missing a file that is being cached.

Anyone have any clues what file I may be missing, or why the new shows are not showing up? This seemed to have started around the guide issues started happening.

Holidays greeting to all on the Forum and the entire crew at Tablo. Since upgrading to an attic mount antenna, the Tablo has been rock steady – only rebooting after a firmware upgrade.