Please fix the endless syncing on Android

There is no reason to sync all my recording and thumbnails, etc, always creating timeouts, when trying to view remotely on Android devices. If I want to watch live TV it should just pop into the guide and update the guide. If I press view recordings then, at that time, update that information. Remote viewing on Android is almost impossible or takes forever, just to watch a quick a live TV show.

Alternatetively, you could make 2 seperate apps, one for live TV and one for recordings.

It’s not a question of connection speed, HULU and Netflix work just fine. I also have another in-house server that operates just great.

Also same compaint as many others about lost remote connection and requiring another in-home sync to device. You should not overwrite the tablo address preferences in memory everytime there is an update. You could easily make backup if needed.

There is already a setting to give you the functionality you wish.

In settings look for “Startup Section” tap on the dropdown and pick your preference.