Playon + Nexus Player

Not directly Tablo related, but related to the cord cutting strategy that involves Tablo…

Playon TV has Amazon. A common reason for not favoring Nexus player for exclusive client for Tablo is lack of Amazon.

Playon does not have a Nexus app, but the Playon App from the Google Play Store can be sideloaded on to Nexus Player and work, according to what I have read.

Is this a viable way to get all things through Nexus Player? Has anyone actually done it and have experiences to share. I know it is theoretically possible, but am looking for actual experience.

I don’t (yet) have a Nexus player to try it on.

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I never thought about that, I will give it a try on my nexus… However, I don’t like keeping a computer on for this :frowning:

I’d really appreciate the test if you are able to do it.

FWIW, I got my Nexus Player and tried side-loading the Playon TV app. It installed fine, but the app did not work well at all, so I guess this is not a way t get Amazon Prime on Nexus.

Yea sorry, forgot to post the experience was not good for me either :confused:

And yea, they made it basically impossible for Amazon on the Nexus :frowning:

You can, of course, use the recording feature of Playon (used to be called Playlater) to record shows from Amazon, and then play the recordings later through Plex… that is what I do.